MRT Restoration Projects

Restoration projects are top priorities for MRT's stewardship of the Santa Monica Mountains, a range transversing from Griffith Park to Point Mugu in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, California.

Non-native plant invasion has been occurring in this fragile ecological zone since early explorers arrived with mustard seeds to mark their trails. Non-native grasses, trees and plants have found a similar home far from their lands of origin, and are a threat to native plants and animals.

Meeting this challenge requires a holistic management and monitoring program of the mountains' soil, streams, organisms and wildlife, as well as the human influences around the perimeter. MRT manages several programs to help the mountains increase their function, vitality and productivity.

With individual and group volunteers, MRT removes non-native plants and replace them with native grasses, plants and trees.

Individuals and groups are invited to participate in/or sponsor various restoration projects throughout the year. Contact MRT for more information.

Our Projects

Malibu Creek Crayfish Removal

Headwaters Corner

Commemorative Oaks

Headwaters to Groundwater

Adopt a Creek

Las Virgenes Creek

Anza Trail

Dry Canyon Creek

Cold Creek Preserve

La Sierra Preserve

Malibu Creek Enhancement









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