Las Virgenes Creek


More than 30 years ago, a section of Las Virgenes Creek - from the 101 Freeway to the Agoura Road bridge, was lined with concrete to control seasonal flooding. The project removed vegetation and disturbed the creek's natural flow. Ten years ago, the City of Calabasas decided to make things right.


The Las Virgenes Creek Restoration Project was initiated with Mountains Restoration Trust. More than 3,600 square yards of concrete from the bottom and sides of the creek were removed to re-establish a more environmentally sensitive flood control. The natural streambed has now restored natural riparian vegetation that has brought back creek-dependent birds, animals and amphibians.


Benefits of the Las Virgenes Creek Restoration:


Cool, clear water: A naturally flowing creek removes sediment, imported nutrients and contaminants such as pesticides and fertilizers. Cool water reduces algae. Removing concrete, which acted as a solar heater, reduces the water's temperature.


Wildlife: The newly restored natural vegetation will provide food and essential nesting and breeding areas for birds, small mammals and reptiles. 80 percent of southern California's wildlife depends upon this type of stream side habitat. The restored creek habitat will also provide better cover for wildlife moving through this critical link between the Santa Monica and Santa Susana Mountains.


Sustainability: A naturally flowing stream will sustain itself and its ecosystem, eliminating costly maintenance of maintaining an artificial concrete channel.


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