Headwaters to Groundwater


More than 600,000 people rely on water from the Upper Los Angeles River Area (ULARA). The water, largely contained in a huge underwater aquifer beneath the San Fernando Valley is replenished (or recharged) from rain and natural mountain or hill runoff. However, urban development is preventing natural recharge, and much of the valuable water resource is simply flowing down paved streets, mixing with urban pollutants and draining directly into the ocean.


The area is becoming more dependant upon water imported from northern California, an area already being depleted from over usage, causing concern for environmental management organizations and state and local government officials.


The Project, funded by California Prop 50, is a study focusing on sustainability of the San Fernando Basin (SFB), an unconfined aquifer and significant source of water for residents of Los Angeles, Glendale and Burbank. The SFB is 112,000 acres with an estimated capacity of 3,200,000 acre-feet of storage space for groundwater. The study analyzes current resources and issues, creates a relevant inventory report of water supplies and capacities and evaluates possible solutions. Determining the most suitable areas to recharge native waters will ultimately provide SFB management a better understanding of the natural environment's role within and immediately surrounding the study area. The results will also provide strategic plans for the recharge project with intervention and change opportunities.


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