Adopt a Creek

Join our Adopt-a-Creek Team as we help restore the streams of the Malibu Creek Watershed!



Do you want to be involved in cleaning up your creeks and streams?


Do you like working outdoors and meeting new people?


Urban runoff and invasive species are detrimental to our streams. We need volunteers to remove invasive crayfish and plants from Medea creek which runs from the top of Oak Park to Malibou Lake. Restoring Medea Creek will create a better habitat for native species throughout the Malibu Creek watershed.


Adopt-a-Creek is a great family event where people of all ages are welcome. It`s an easy and fun way to get community service hours and learn about the streams in your community. Prepare to get dirty as we wade into the streams to trap crayfish and remove trash. We provide all the equipment necessary for trapping. Please wear sturdy shoes and clothes that can get dirty! With your help, we can greatly improve the health and aesthetic quality of our streams.


What is involved?

  • Trapping and removing crayfish from minnow traps in the stream

  • Collecting water quality data and data on the crayfish

  • Removing litter

  • Baiting the traps for the next team


About Red Swamp Crayfish…and why they are detrimental to the ecosystem of the Santa Monica Mountains:


  • Red Swamp Crayfish are native to the South Eastern United States and Northern Mexico. They are a freshwater crustacean.

  • Crayfish can reach 12cm (~ 5 inches) in length

  • Crayfish will feed on anything from plant debris to larvae, tadpoles, and snails.

  • Prey on native species which drive native populations down.

  • Red swamp crayfish burrow which causes problems with water quality and creek bed erosion.

  • Their feeding habits on the native plants cause reduction in plant biodiversity and quantity.

  • They can serve as a primary food source for other invasive species such as the largemouth bass, catfish and bluegill.

How you can help:

  • Attend one our Adopt-a-Creek training workshops that we will offer starting in January. We provide training for all members of your stream team. Locations are either at Oak Park Community Center or MRT. Visit our Facebook page (click here) for more information or at our Eventbrite page (click here) to sign up.

    We are looking for Team Leaders who can lead other groups of volunteers & team members.

  • Team Leaders– Responsible adults and teens will be in charge of a small group made up of 5-10 team members.

    Team leaders ensure the safety of team members and the accurate completion of assigned tasks.

  • Team Members– Adults and children will be in charge of collecting water quality data, picking up trash, and most importantly removing and collecting data on the invasive crayfish.

  • Schedule a day and time your groups will meet up.

  • Start cleaning up the stream!

It’s that easy!







Sat, 1/31/15 4:00 PM