Writers Workshop

Summer 2013 Nature Writing Anthology


This summer, local journalist and author Penelope Grenoble and Mountains Restoration Trust offered a month-long nature writing workshop for teens. Inspired by nature surrounding the Headwaters Corner, Penelope worked with three local teenagers to develop these amazing stories. Nick, who will be a freshman this fall at Agoura Hills High School, shared his knowledge of local flora and fauna with the group. In his final essay, he took on the persona of a gnarly old oak tree. Tynann, who will be a junior at Oak Park High School, got the group thinking about the self-imposed barriers that separate humans from nature. She started writing about two worlds that never connect and ended up writing an intimate first-person essay about the power of wonder. And Gabby, who will be a freshman at Viewpoint School, inspired her fellow writers with her desire to travel and expand her awareness, understanding and empathy. Gabby wrote about the freedom and privilege of wandering.

Read these amazing stories below:

Touching Fire
by Tynnan Bodily

Junior, Oak Park High School

An Oaken Murmur
by Nick Lloyd

Freshman, Agoura High School

by Gabriella Privitelli

Freshman, Viewpoint School







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