Cold Creek Docents have been leading nature walks in the Cold Creek area of the Santa Monica Mountains near Calabasas, California for more than thirty years.


The Cold Creek Docents are the environmental education affiliate of Mountains Restoration Trust. MRT provides stewardship for more than 2.5 square miles of habitat in the Santa Monica Mountains, including the pristine Cold Creek Canyon and Cold Creek Valley Preservse. Both areas are adjacent to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Stunt Ranch Reserve where the Cold Creek Docents conduct weekday field programs.


Nature walks are publicized in Outdoors, a quarterly calendar published by the Santa Monica National Recreation Area of the National Park Service and MRT's newsletter, Mountain Experience.


The Cold Creek Docents are dedicated to:


  • Educating the public, particularly school children, about the nature and cultural history of the Cold Creek watershed and its relationship to the Santa Monica Mountains and worldwide ecological principles.
  • Conducting hands-on programs, including geology, Chumash Indian studies, ethnobotany and chaparral ecology.
  • Promoting conservation and stewardship of the Cold Creek watershed.










Wed, 6/18/14 7:00 PM