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Our most valuable resource is our supporters. Coming together from all walks of life, our supporters represent a dedicated, growing group of people who understand the value of preserving our nation's natural places.


Being able to act efficiently and effectively to preserve, protect and enhance the mountain experience for everyone, land trusts reflect a new direction in land conservation. Your support helps keep alive numerous activities and helps keep you up-to-date on our educational experiences, accomplishments, volunteer opportunities and recreational activities.


Where does your money go? It helps:

* Purchase habitat-rich land

* Restoring land to its optimum natural state for wildlife and vegetation

* Research programs to study preservation, conservation, population impact and wildlife

* Activities, workshops and seminars

* Educational programs


Supporters receive the Mountains Restoration Trust newsletter, MRT activity and news updates, and invitations to MRT supporters-only events and activities held through the year. Plus, supporters get access to the lower locked gate of the Cold Creek Canyon Preserve.


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Annual supporters Categories


Guarantor $1000
Benefactor $500
Guardian $250
Steward $100
Senior or Student $25
Family Supporters $45
Individual Supporters $35


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Mountains Restoration Trust is a California Public Benefit Nonprofit organization and recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS.








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