About MRT

Mountains Restoration Trust (MRT) is a non-profit land trust dedicated to preserving natural land in the Santa Monica Mountains through restoration, education and land acquisition. Founded in 1981, MRT collaborates with government agencies in an ongoing effort to maintain a cooperative relationship between urbanization and native land.


MRT's stewardship role offers timely, progressive approaches to conservation and urban-rural issues. Their goal is not to prevent change, but to offer systems that have a positive impact and support the ecosystem.


Restoration - Ongoing studies and programs identifying threatened ecological systems provide the scientific basis for effective restoration activities. Non-native plants, concrete, urban intrusion and non-native animals have impacted the indigenous ecosystem. Habitat restoration is essential for sustaining a healthy ecosystem. Native trees and plants provide food, homes and shelter to insects, birds and wildlife that impact important food sources and water resource management.   Read more


Education - As the area's population continues growing, public awareness and educational outreach programs are, and will continue to be essential to environmental stewardship and sustaining a healthy environment. MRT provides workshops, programs, publications and recreational activities designed to engage the public in important environmental issues.   Read more


Acquisition - In its continued efforts to establish and maintain a healthy wildlife and recreation network within the Santa Monica Mountains, MRT became a land trust to acquire and manage ecologically valuable land. MRT’s efforts are in collaboration with local, state and federal governmental agencies. The National Park Service's environmental database, containing geography and hydrology maps, resource inventories, scientific research results and endangered species lists, is the basis for effectively identifying properties needed to create self-sustaining wildlife corridors. MRT works closely with the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, California State Parks, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the City of Calabasas, and the National Park Service to negotiate with willing sellers who would like to assist in developing the planned network.   Read more

Mountains Restoration Trust is a California public benefit non-profit corporation and recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS.








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